Blood tests and Urinalysis

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Blood tests, Urinalysis

 Why do them?

1. To help diagnose a problem; disease

2. To track a condition ie. diabetes, thyroid, chemotherapy.

3. To detect a problem before symptoms of disease are obvious.

What if results are  normal?

1. Maybe there is no problem.

2. Maybe it's a condition that doesn't show up in the blood
   ie. Degenerative joint disease, dental disease,many cancers, GI disease.

3. Maybe other kinds of blood test need to be requested.

4. Maybe it's too early to show up in blood test.

5. Maybe additional test may be needed.
   ie. Xrays, ultrasound, biopsy

What if results are abnormal?
1. A diagnosis may be achieved.

2. Maybe additional test may be needed.
   ie. Xays, ultrasound, biopsy.

3. Some abnormalities are "normal" for age.

There is some degree of interpretation of all blood tests. The age, breed, concurrent medications, condition of the pet all play a role in the interpretation of blood tests and urinalysis. If interpretation is problematic we have access to an internal medical consultant at Antech Diagnostics.